Kahve Dunyasi Medium Roasted Turkish Coffee
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Kahve Dunyasi Medium Roasted Turkish Coffee

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  • Net Weight: You can choose 100 gr or 250 gr
  • Ingredients: Roasted, Ground 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight
  • Turkish coffee is the most popular coffee type in Turkey. It has a deeply rooted history in the Turkish food and beverage culture.
  • Like for all coffees, Turkish coffee is also the most aromatic when the Turkish coffee beans are freshly grinded with the help of a Turkish coffee grinder.
  • Many people who have come to Turkey and have tasted Turkish coffee wonder “What is Turkish Coffee?”. The answer is that Turkish coffee is the most important heritage of the Ottoman empire’s beverage culture. The most outstanding differences to other coffee types are that it is served with the coffee grounds and most importantly the foam which emerges during the brewing process.
  • Turkish coffee is traditionally brewed in a Turkish coffee pot, preferably made of copper but Turkish coffee pots made of steel and ceramic are also frequently used. All you need is Turkish coffee, water and depending on your preference, also some sugar. Recently almost every household in Turkey uses a Turkish coffee maker or in other words Turkish coffee machine which is time efficient and makes it easy to integrate the Turkish coffee habit into people’s modern, hectic lives.There is a huge variety of Turkish coffee cups, handmade colorful ones, modern versions with slogans on it and many more. For guests a Turkish coffee set made of two, four, six even eight pieces of Turkish coffee cups and matching tray is a fancy way to serve Turkish coffee.
  • Kahve Dunyasi Medium Roasted Turkish Coffee

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