Turkish Copper


Turkish Copper kitchenware and homedecor has been used since the Ottoman Era and nowadays it is getting more popular than ever. You can choose the classic rose-gold version or silver colour, all two kinds of the copper metal are formed by being hammered and/or embossed. All two types get their final look by being engraved. 100% pure copper is known for being a healthy and long-lasting metal. Food & drinks served in handmade copper ware such as copper pitchers and ewers, copper spice sets, serving tray, sugar bowl, copper mugs, teapots, coffee pots, pans, copper grinders are known to taste better. Especially antique looking copper oil lamps are very popular these days. Handmade Anatolian design gives your home decoration the perfect outstanding touch. In Turkey Copper kitchen ware, especially copper cauldron, copper oil bottle, copper Turkish coffee pot, copper trays, copper ashtray, copper sugar bowls, copper decanter, copper cake molds and for cooking copper egg pan, copper soup pot, square copper frying pan and the like are very popular. Besides copper kitchenware decorative goods find their place both in traditional homes as well as modern ones; copper flower pots, large copper bucket, copper hanging planter, copper candlestick, copper umbrella stand and large copper basin are just some of the popular versions of Turkish copper. For example small copper planters will give your balcony a unique touch. New copper as well as old copper is high in value as copper goods can be used a lifelong. Copper kitchen items are oftenly even inherited by ancestors due to their long duration of use. Antique copper pot value or antique copper tea kettle value can be up to a couple hundred dollars depending on its age and type of manufacturing. The tradition of Turkish copper goes back to the Ottoman era where it was used for the production of Turkish copper coffee & tea pots, copper milk jug, Turkish copper trays, copper spice grinder, copper utensil rack, Turkish copper coffee pot,  copper chess set, Turkish copper pots and copper pans, copper oven tray, Turkish copper plates and large copper tea kettle. At the end the most popular copper good is the copper Turkish copper coffee sets which makes the Turkish coffee experience as special as possible.