Handmade Turkish Ceramics


The history of Turkish Ceramic reaches back thousands of years, making Turkey the 'country of ceramics'. There are two types of ceramics, named after their place of production; the most famous ones are Kutahya and Iznik ceramics. The most important characteristics are the ceramics’ shell strength and the durability of its colours, persistent even for centuries. There are all sorts of products like ceramic Turkish tea cups, ceramic bowls, vase, home décor, wall decor, ceramic Turkish tea pots, pitcher, jug, ceramic Turkish coffee sets, coaster, plate and jars; which can be used safely with food and drinks. Ceramics are handmade Anatolian design products which makes them an even more suitable gift for housewarming parties. Turkish pottery is mostly known for its Turkish plates and ceramic Turkish coffee cups. Turkish ceramics are very popular amongst decoration lovers and if you ask yourself where to buy ceramics the answer is turkishgiftbuy.com! We are the ceramics online store where you can find the best ceramics, from the most popular Turkish ceramic plates to Turkish hand painted bowls -  originating from Iznik Turkish ceramic art. Hand painted Turkish ceramic bowls are a delightful and colourful accent in your home décor or amongst your kitchenware. Turkey ceramics are a healthy kitchenware choice as well, mostly suitable for the dishwasher and heat resistant for all kinds of food. Home décor such as Turkish kaftan ceramic or Turkish ceramic pomegranate is also very popular, symbolizing abundance and history. Turkish ceramics are handicraft and thus very valuable and unique, amongst other goods Turkish plates hand painted by ceramic artists contribute to the Turkish ceramic art culture. In Turkey the everyday use of Turkish ceramic vases, coasters, ceramic spice sets, pots, and many more ceramic objects is very common. A rich breakfast accompanied by Turkey’s national drink black tea served with a ceramic Turkish tea set is the ultimate traditional experience. Of course the tea should be brewed in a Turkish ceramic teapot and ceramic Turkish tea sets. For your own use or as a gift, traditional Iznik Turkish ceramic art will bring joy and a colourful touch to your life. Choose your favourite Turkish ceramic mugs, Turkish ceramic plates, Turkish ceramic pots and start shopping!