Everything About Turkish Tea: How to make Turkish Tea? How to drink Turkish Tea?

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Everything About Turkish Tea

Everything About Turkish Tea

If one wants to know what is Turkish tea, they should have a look at the history and the types of tea at first. Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world after water. However, it is interesting that Turkey has the highest rate of consuming amount of tea per day. Basically, there are two types of tea. The first of these are real teas. Real teas are made from using the leaves of the tea plant, such as black tea and green tea. The most consumed type of tea in the world is first black tea, secondly green tea and finally oolong tea. The second type of teas are herbal teas. These are usually made by boiling herbs such as linden, chamomile, and sage. So why do Turks consume so much tea? Let's find answers to questions such as how to make Turkish tea, what are the tea types and benefits and how to drink Turkish black tea as well.

History of Turkish Tea

History of Turkish Tea

Many people believed that Turkish tea is consumed as much as Turkish coffee in Turkey. In fact, tea constitutes a very important place for Turks. Turks always drink a cup of tea after meals and when they meet with their friends. That is because Turks see black tea as a conversation tool rather than just a simple beverage. Tea culture is a kind of benefits of Turkey, especially for foreigners. 

However, contrary to what is supposed, tea's arrival in the Ottoman Empire is not based on a very recent historical period of time. Black tea came to the Ottoman Empire towards the end of the 19th century. The incoming teas were generally imported teas. However, the Turks to grow tea seriously; that is why, Sultan II. Abdulhamid started with it. When tea seeds, which were previously brought from China, could not adapt to Anatolian lands; therefore, they started to be brought to Japan. Tea was believed to have healing effect as well.

In the same period, the Russians, who learned tea from the Mongols, decided to plant tea in Georgia. So, you can understand from that, it is not a coincidence that the famous Turkish Rize tea comes out in the Black Sea region. Since Georgia and Turkey are close neighbors, many people have started to produce tea in the Black Sea region, although there is no historical evidence.

Tea in Turkish is called ‚Äėcay‚Äô, written as ‚Äė√ßay‚Äô and prounced as ‚Äėchai‚Äô.

Turkey Drinks: What is oralet? Are there any benefits of sweet tea?

What is oralet? Are there any benefits of sweet tea?

Oralet is water-soluble beverage, which contains fruit flavors such as orange, kiwi, cherry and lemon. However, they are not the real fruit teas. To give an example, oralet with apple is not a real Turkish apple tea in terms of its freshness but it is still a tea, which has a flavor of apple. Barely Turks prefer to drink oralet in Turkish tea time, therefore they prefer black tea instead. Oralet is harmless for health; that is why, it is suitable for children to drink instead of coffee and tea. Because it doesn’t contain caffein either.

How to make Turkish Tea and how to drink Turkish Tea?

How to make Turkish Tea and how to drink Turkish Tea?

If you are looking for a a good Turkish tea recipe, you are in the right place. Let us teach you how to brew Turkish tea as a traditional Turkish drink.

At first, you should have a Turkish double teapot because in Turkey tea pots are a bit different rather than both in Europe and in United States of America. 

First of all, you should definitely buy yourself a Turkish black tea. Not every black tea you see is a Turkey tea. Some black teas are consumed in India, but their taste and aroma are quite different from each other.

You should keep the tea away from hot and humid environments. Otherwise, the tea will spoil.

It is also important where you put the tea. Stopping it in highly fragrant environments will also reduce the flavor and quality of the tea.

You should make the tea with good water. Make sure your water is purified and clean. The higher the quality of your water, the better quality your tea will be.

Now, if you have prepared all these things, let's get to the tea brewing process:

  • Place the amount of tea you want to consume (you can think of it as 2 tablespoons for 2 people) in the top teapot.

  • Put water in the lower pot and turn on the stove.

  • Remember, you will not add water to the upper pot until the water boils. Since the two Turkish teapots stand on top of each other, the water vapor will allow the tea in the above teapot to smell, brew and become more aromatic.

  • After the water boils,¬†transfer¬†the amount of water to cover the teas into the upper teapot and turn down the heat.

  • Wait for your tea to brew for 20 minutes on low heat.

  • Then put the brewed tea in the glass so that it covers 3/1 of the glass.

  • You can also add hot water to the remaining 3/2 of the glass. Bon Appetit!

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