Turkish Towel, Hammam, Turkish Bathroom and Bathrobe

Turkish Towel

The Turkish Towel's history goes way back to the 18th century where it was used in the Turkish bath as Hammam towels. The woven fabric is made of 100% cotton. Compared to other towels they are very useful as they are lightweight, extra absorbent and as a plus very trendy these days, especially used as spa, pool and beach towels. There are many variants of the Turkish towel, also known as Peshtemals; bathrobes, hand towels and even beach dresses. In terms of design you can find classic stripes, vintage and also trendy designs such as ananas patterns. Turkish towels come in many different shapes and designs, with the most popular ones being  Turkish hand towels, Turkish bath towels and Turkish beach towels. The best Turkish towels experience can be made in Turkish bath & spas with Turkish bath towel sets made of Turkish towel robe and Turkish hair towel. If you ask yourself “what is a Turkish towel” the best answer is to use one and experience the answer. You can use the Turkish towels in your kitchen by using Turkish kitchen towels and Turkish dish towels, in your bathroom by using the best Turkish bath towels and striped Turkish hand towels and also at the beach and pool using Peshtemal Turkish towels and Turkish towel bathrobe. For your own use or as a gift for your loved ones, a Turkish towel set, the authentic type white Turkish towel especially in form of organic Turkish towel you’ll enjoy for a long time. The best Turkish beach towels are the black and white Turkish towels as well as the black Turkish towel with its classic Turkish towels striped design. Turkish peshtemal towel is the essential piece for the original Turkish bath experience even if it’s made outside of Turkey. Turkish towel, peshtemal lovers are oftenly quite quickly looking for the Turkish luxury collection the modal towel. Besides the towel function the peshtemal fabric can also be used as a Turkish towel blanket, a soft and comfortable alternative to classic cotton. If you ask yourself how to wash Turkish towels than the answer is easy, you can wash them in the washing machine using the cold program and classic detergent and fabric softener. Enjoy the ultimate Turkish towel, peshtemal experience!