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    These Turkish mosaic floor lamps will bring your living space an outstanding ethnic touch. They are perfect for spacious rooms, creating eye-catching lighting. Every mosaic floor lamp is unique as the mosaic tiles are all unique pieces. These lamps are also called Turkish mosaic floor lamps which can be found in many homes, offices and also restaurants. Floor lamps can be made of three, five, seven or even nine light bulbs – depending on the room’s size where it will be placed. If you are looking for a handmade mosaic floor lamp you are at the right address, these lamps create a colorful, warm light which will make any room special. Imagine a blue mosaic floor lamp in a mostly white decorated room, it will be the absolute highlight and the needed touch of color which will create a warm environment. A red mosaic floor lamp, aqua mosaic floor lamp, silver mosaic floor lamp or black mosaic floor lamp are also perfect options for mostly one-colored rooms. In addition to the color also material differs from lamp to lamp, you can choose between metal lamps and a mosaic wood floor lamp. Mosaic lamps made of turquoise and blue tiles are also known as oceans mosaic floor lamp and can be perfect for marine themed rooms and houses. For your own use or as a special gift for your loved ones, a mosaic glass floor lamp is always a special choice and we promise you that you won’t regret your purchase. When thinking about buying a mosaic lamp please keep in mind that this is an object which can be inherited from generation to generation as it is timeless and be used in traditionally decorated homes as well as in modern ones. A mosaic lamp and especially a mosaic floor lamp fills the room with enough light for reading, watching television or simply relax so it can be used in the living room, bedroom or office area, depending on your needs. For your own usage or a unique handcrafted gift, mosaic lamps are the perfect timeless purchase that you’ve been looking for!

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